New Product of the Week #3--2X4 3-in-1 Holiday Decor!

It's New Product of the Week day!  What?  It's not Monday?  I missed it?  Well, due to technical difficulties, this little product has had a hard time making it's way onto the website, but I think we have it all worked out!

This week, we have a 3-in-1 Holiday Decor!

I'm sure you've seen this little 2X4 project floating around "craft"-land:

I made this one a couple years ago... and then my head started turning.  I mean, hey--the back of this project was blank!  That just won't do for a girl like me!  I like to double purpose things.  SO . . . . this year, I decided to put the back of this project to good use!

I painted the back of these blocks black, with a patch of "skin color" paint for the faces of the pilgrim/soldiers.  Then, I applied the vinyl to the faces and the "pilgrim vinyl" to the blocks.  I cut down a paint stick (FREE from Home Depot) to 3 7/8" for the "hats" and painted them black as well, and then applied the white vinyl to them for the pilgrim hats.

I attached the hats to the "pilgrims" using black velcro dots.

I then modge podged some scrapbook paper onto the other 2 blocks and applied the vinyl quote to both blocks.  I prefer to seal all the vinyl onto the blocks with a top coat of modge podge to help protect it from peeling.....

THEN, because 3-in-1 is WAY better than 2-in-1, I turned those little pilgrims into soldiers for Christmas!  Just take a large sheet of red craft foam and cut it down to fit their "bodies", apply the gold vinyl "buttons", and put some more craft dots on the edge of the paint stick sections to make them stick out like soldier hats. 

3-in-1 Holiday Shelf Sitter Vinyl

C'mon.  You have to admit--that is a pretty cute little shelf-sitter.  All made from a 2X4!

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Stay tuned for next week's product!
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