Happy New Year!  We started off our new year out of commission for a little while (although we still processed orders during that time--we are awesome like that), so our New Years is off to a bit of a bumpy start.

Never fear though, because we have a GREAT deal in store for you this month!

Organization Combo Pack
For THIS MONTH ONLY, you can get a combo pack of some of our most popular organization vinyl decals in one set.

This Combo Pack includes:

(1) Measurement Labels INCLUDING Spice Measurement Labels (Dash, smidgen, pinch, and tad)
(2) Dry Erase Menu Tile vinyl with NO BORDER
(3) Recipe Magnet Board Vinyl
(4) 4 Kitchen Jar Labels (Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Powdered Sugar) sized approximately 4X3
(5) Dry Erase Calendar vinyl in MIRROR IMAGE (for placement on the BACK of a piece of glass) sized for a 16X20 frame.

Purchased separately, this vinyl would cost around $40--but this month only you can get it all for $24!!!!

What are YOUR New Years' Resolutions?

All Products listed are for the VINYL ONLY unless otherwise specified in the listing. Please Contact Us with any questions.