It's a JIMMER-IFIC Contest!!!

We have been VERY busy over here (thanks to you WONDERFUL customers!) Now that things are settling down a little, (and before I start my St. Patrick's Day design festivities), I wanted to throw in a little contest of a more personal nature.

I don't if any of you are basketball fans or not, but in a house of 6 boys and 1 girl (that girl being me), I am exposed to a lot more basketball that I would otherwise watch (zero).  And because of that, our household is OBSESSED with Jimmer Fredette at the moment (and my husband is the ring leader of the obsession!)

At Christmas time, we went to a home game at BYU and made all the kids (and my niece) "Jimmer" t-shirts (and even got autographs on them after the game!):

Aren't those the CUTEST little boys you have ever seen?!  I think so! 
My (now) 5 year old wanted nothing more than for Jimmer to come to his birthday (last Sunday)--obviously we couldn't make that happen, but we did the next best thing:

Jimmer Junior Shirt Vinyl

(Do you get where I'm going with this "contest" yet?  No?  Read on!)

He was tickled!  And we completed the set with a "Got Jimmer?" shirt for each of his brothers:

Got Jimmer? Shirt vinyl

Here's where you come in.  My husband has been hinting that he is now the only boy in the house that doesn't have a Jimmer shirt--and he needs one.  BUT, I want his Jimmer shirt to be COOL!  The best of the best!   SO, here's how it will work:

You have 1 week to submit your ideas--sayings, designs, etc. for a Jimmer Fredette shirt.  I will help you create the design you are envisioning so it looks the way you want it to.

Then, in one week, I will have my husband pick his favorite design.  The winner can choose either a gift certificate to Say It On The Wall OR a free t-shirt vinyl of their design.

Let the creative juices start flowing!  Good Luck!

(And stay tuned--I have been working on lots of random projects recently and will show them off when this contest ends--right before I start the St. Patrick's day design festivities!)


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