Ghost Town Moon Jars
Have you seen our Sun Jars?  These moon jars are the same concept, only with the "white" light instead of the "yellow" light.  These "Ghost Town" moon jars are upside-down to give more of an "eery" look (but you can certainly make them the other way as well).  Pictured, on (2) quart size, (1) pint size and (1) 8 oz size jars, this listing includes the vinyl for all 4 jars pictured here

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Pumpkins Anyone?

It's Harvest Time! (one of my FAVORITE parts of Fall!)

This week I was wading in peaches (not from MY peach tree, because MY tree gave me NO peaches this year.  Nice.) and decided as an afterthought to make some freezer jam.  I whipped it up really quick and poured it in my Ball Freezer Jam containers.  As they sat on my counter to "set", I thought, "Hey!  Those look like pumpkins!"  (LOVE the green lids on them!)

SO, I added some jack-o-lantern faces and snapped a quick picture.  Who doesn't love some Freezer Jam as a little Halloween treat?!  Add some vinyl faces and voila!  An easy, personal gift for teachers and neighbors alike!  (And because the 8 oz. Ball Freezer Jam containers come in a pack of 5, so do these pumpkin faces--for $2.50 for the set!  What a steal!)  Get yours today!

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September Is HERE!

I have a love/hate relationship with September.  I LOVE fall (but I hate that it means that winter is on its way).  I LOVE Halloween and Thanksgiving (but I hate that it means I will be a football widow for the next few months).  I love that fall is the season of Birthdays in our family--1/2 of us are within 2 weeks of each other in the fall (but I hate the 3 weeks straight of birthday cake.)  I love that the kids are excited to go back to school and we get back into a routine (but I hate that that means soccer, piano, basketball, book club, etc. = no more time at home.) You get the idea, right?

I'm staying positive though, so this month we are going to celebrate what's GOOD about Fall.

First up:  School

Am I the only one that has multiple children in school? (All of which have teachers that think the kid in their class is your ONLY child so they don't put their name on their weekly newsletter?!)  My kids have a habit of emptying their backpack once they reach the garage--and they continue to empty it until they get to me (with an empty backpack) Last year was spent pulling my hair out trying to figure out which paper belonged to which kid and BEGGING my kids to PLEASE bring me their backpack FULL!  This year?  Things are changing:

I used a hanging file folder (with 6 add-on's because there's like a million of us in our family) and  medium sized Labels.  Every day, they come in and empty their backpack into their folder.  Then, when I am waiting for dinner to finish cooking, I call each child in, one at a time and review their papers--some we look at, give high 5's and then throw away.  Some get put in their "permanent file" for memories and the homework, permission slips, etc. either get signed and put back in their backpack to return to school or put back in their folder to continue working on throughout the week.  So far it's working like a DREAM  (let's hope it keeps up!).

Another frustration about the first day of school is that about a month before school starts, each child receives a letter in the mail with a list of school supplies they need (which I have learned from experience is NEVER accurate.  The REAL list comes home with the child the first day of school--but by then all school supplies are out of stock (LOVE living in a small town!).  SO, this year, even though Hand Sanitizer wasn't on the list of things they needed, I knew it WOULD be, so I decided to make that their "gift" to their teacher the first day of school:

These Hand Sanitizer Labels were so easy to apply and the teachers all LOVED them!  A GREAT way to start off their year!

What are your back to school frustrations and solutions?  I would love to hear them!

And stay tuned!  I will be back next week with some more "fall" fun!  AND, starting SEPTEMBER 26th, we will be doing our "New Product of the Week" Promotion again!  A new product every week until the new year!  That's 14 NEW PRODUCTS (and deep discounts to go along with them!)  New 2012 Mutual and Primary Themed designs, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and lots more!  Check our facebook page every Friday night (starting September 23rd) for a hint and submit your guesses for a chance to win the vinyl for free (just pay shipping) and check back Mondays for the unveiling and announcement of the winner!  This Fall is going to be GREAT!

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