My Excuse . . .

Has it really been over a month since my last post?  Seriously?!  Where has all the time gone?!  I do have a pretty lame good excuse for being MIA lately--promise!

You see, I have been put in charge of a religious Girls Camp for around 240 girls ages 12-18, which has taken every spare minute of my time over the last several months.  (Especially considering the fact that the last time I was at a Girl's Camp was when I WAS a girl, and let's just say, we camped in cabins, had a mess hall, hot showers, running water, etc.--which is A LOT different than the conditions here!)  I *may* be in over my head . . . maybe.  But I am SUPER excited and can hardly wait for girl's camp to get here!

Since this is all I have been working on over the last month, I figured I should at least show you the crafts we will be doing this year at camp:

We decided to keep the crafts really simple this year (since it's my first year and I am still learning the ropes), and what could be easier than VINYL?!  The first craft we are doing is this pillowcase:

He Loves Us and We Love Him Pillowcase
The girls will iron on the YW torch (in gold) and the lettering that says "HE LOVES US and we love him" and then we will have several colors of Sharpie markers available for them to have their friends sign around it.  It's a good reminder to them of who they are and the kind of friends that encourage them to remember that important truth.  We got the pillowcases in bulk for around $1.50 a pillowcase and the vinyl, well we got a discount on that too since we are doing it for such a large group (and I am providing it. Grin.)--so it ended up being a very affordable craft.

The other craft we are doing is this one:

Pray Picture Frame
Our theme for camp this year is "It's a Jungle out there so WALK TALL"--we felt like this picture frame vinyl fits very well with our theme.  We got the picture frames at the dollar store and got the group discount on the vinyl for these as well, making them our cheapest craft (and I have already had several leaders ask if they can make some extras for gifts.)

Aren't those just the CUTEST crafts ever?!  (Please say yes--I need something that will be a sure hit with these girls . . .  Grin:) )

And just for fun . . . here are a couple other inexpensive craft ideas that might spark your interest:

Have You Received His Image in your Countenance?
Be Steadfast and immovable 6 X 6 tile

I Love to See the Temple I'm Going There Someday

So, you see?  While I have been busy filling orders, and cutting/weeding all the vinyl for camp, I haven't had a whole lot of time to come up with new designs--but guess what?!  Starting on JUNE 1st, we will begin our annual CUSTOM DESIGN PROMOTION again--which was such a success last year that we have had many requests to make it an annual event.  SO, get your creative juices flowing and get ready to enter your "custom design" for a chance to win it for free!  I can hardly wait!!!

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