NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Give Thanks Plate Vinyl

Are you starting to look forward to the Holidays? To be honest, I hate fall (gasp!)--don't get me wrong. I love the fall colors, I LOVE Thanksgiving, I love all the smells and cooler weather . . . but where I live, Fall means WINTER IS COMING (Boo! Hiss!) From November-May/June it is SNOWY, DARK, and COLD where I live. And I don't like it (no offense to all you snow bunnies, but I grew up in the south--and I prefer the warm weather and sunshine!)

But, with the turn of the weather over here, I am starting to think "Thanksgiving" (gotta look on the bright side, right?)--and what better way to decorate than with an EASY centerpiece for your table or mantelpiece for your fireplace?!

Answers to the Questions I KNOW you are asking:

1. I got the plate at Walmart for $3--that's most of the work--driving to Walmart and picking out a plate . . . (and with 5 boys, I admit, that is actual work, but after that was over, the rest was easy!)

2. Yes, you CAN have one! It's even 40% off this week only with promo code: THANKS40

The vinyl pictured is sized to fit on a 10.5" plate. It comes with one large GOLD leave, Lettering in Beige, and a small red leaf. Easy to apply and an INSTANT hit! Order yours today!


It's WEEK 2 of our "NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK" countdown until Christmas! This week it's HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWNS! That's right--I have 2 choices for you (and because they are both the same "idea", I decided to combine them into the same week. Lucky you!)

The first one is the Halloween Countdown--Cauldron.

This is a Cauldron surrounded by candy corns and wrapped candies.

(Here's a closer look--I used a spider ring glued to a magnet as the "counter" that gets moved every day)

The second one is the Halloween Countdown--Cat:
A cat, sitting on the moon surrounded by multicolored witch's hats that count down to Halloween
Aren't they fun?! I thought so too! My kids have already been setting a schedule for who gets to move the spider each day! (Good thing there are 2, right?)

It's not too late to get yours in time for Halloween! THIS WEEK ONLY, they are 40% off! For the Cauldron, use promo code: CAULDRON40 and for the Cat, use promo code: CAT40.

Happy Haunting!

ANNOUNCEMENT and NEW PRODUCT: We Believe in Being . . . (TILE)

Guess WHAT?!  I have decided to spotlight a new product every week until Christmas!  (That's 11 NEW PRODUCTS!!!!)  Should I make it EVEN BETTER?  OK, twist my arm--how about 40% off that product for the week that it is debuted?  (I'm so nice, I know!)

Let's get to it:

2011 Mutual Theme:  We Believe in Being Tile

Have you seen the LDS 2011 Mutual theme?  It's the 13th Article of Faith!  (Awesome!)  I have been working on a couple of designs for this theme and I think that so far, this one is my favorite.  We believe in "being" a lot of things and I love how the 13th article of faith lists them out and then reminds us that we should be SEEKING after these things as well!  I think 2011 is setting itself up to be a GREAT year! (Warning: it's probably not a good idea to leave a tile laying on the fireplace mantle after taking a picture of it to post . . . there's a good chance little tikes might come upon it and smash it for fun . . . not that that happened to this tile or anything . . . grin :) )

THIS WEEK ONLY, receive 40% off this design with promo code BEING40 at checkout!

(Check back on Mondays from now until Christmas for another NEW PRODUCT every week!!)