Many of our wonderful customers have inquired whether we are still in business or not since our home page has not been updated frequently this year.  REST ASSURED-- we are still here AND still creating new products!  Our website is difficult to update, so be patient with us as we work out a fix!

Starting Today, we will be posting our "New Product of the Week" (and if it doesn't make it to our homepage, we will announce it on our Facebook page)--which includes a discount off our "new product" for that week.  Normally they will be posted on MONDAYS, but we just couldn't wait, so we are posting this one a little Early. :)

Without further adieu, HERE are the new product(s) for this week:

The 2015 LDS Mutual Theme Designs:

O ye that embark ship design

O ye that embark helm design

O ye that embark glass block vinyl

O ye that embark ornament vinyl
Receive 40% off these designs THIS WEEK ONLY (lucky you, you get a couple BONUS days) with promo code EMBARK40

Also, in case you missed it, here are a couple new products we have added recently:

And lucky for you--you can get 25% off these vinyl products with promo code FALL25

Stay tuned for next week's product!

All Products listed are for the VINYL ONLY unless otherwise specified in the listing. Please Contact Us with any questions.