Can it really be true that it is Back to School time?!  Where did the summer go?  If you haven't gotten your groupon yet, CLICK HERE.  HURRY!  Quantity is limited!!!!

Our summer discount of 25% off your entire order is still good through the end of AUGUST with promo code SUMMER25.

To celebrate our back to school groupon promotion, here are a few products that kids and teachers both LOVE!

Who wouldn't love an Angry Bird Party?!  Whether for a back to school bash or a birthday party, kids LOVE angry birds!

Angry Bird Party Bags

(This isn't vinyl, but I loved the idea so they were party of the favors!)

 Here's a "twist" on the traditional twister game:
Angry Bird Twister Faces Individual or Complete Set.

Angry Birds Bowl Face
Angry Bird Iron On Face

(Don't you think these boys LOVE their shirts?!  I can attest to the fact that they have been WORN over and over and over!  Grin.)

If you aren't planning a party or back to school bash, here are a few things that can get you on the teacher's good side early on in the year:

Ruler Name and Number Vinyl
This Ruler Growth Chart is such a fun way to chart the growth of kids throughout the year(s)!  This listing comes with the Numbers and Name/established date or teacher name/school year (you make the hash marks yourself to save you a lot of $$).  Hang it 6" off the floor and you are good to go! 

I don't think I have EVER met a teacher that didn't have a HUGE Hand Sanitizer bottle in the classroom.  Last year, I made these for my kids' teachers:

Hand Sanitizer Personalized Label LARGE
 They loved them and used the other bottles to refill this one throughout the year!

Teachers plant the Seeds vinyl

Perpetual Calendar
Large Holiday Countdown Blocks--2 Color Vinyl
Help yourself or your child's teacher stay organized this year with a dry erase calendar or hanging file folder (complete with vinyl labels):
Dry Erase Calendar

Hanging File Folder Label

And who can resist mentioning some of our favorite products from the summer:

Remember way back in June when it was GRADUATION Season?!  Yeah, we did some vinyl for those events too:

8X10 In Case of Emergency Break Glass
This was a fun little idea I came up with for the graduates--I framed a $10 bill (didn't want to make it too big or they would break it right away!) and added the vinyl that says, "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass"  Then, I included a treasure box with Hershey's Treasure Chocolates wrapped in $$.  Fun idea that was easy to put together and made people laugh too!  (nice bonus!)  You could also do this with a gift certificate for a massage or restaurant for a teacher. 

And here's a little twist on that idea that I used as a "thank you" for my staff at camp this year:

5X7 In Case of Emergency Break Glass
(After a week of "roughing it", who WASN'T ready to break that glass--am I right?!)

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were involved in the Romney campaign float for the 4th of July and then again the next week for the Basque parade here locally.  Since the official "campaign" hadn't arrived to town in time, it was left to us to put together a float and enter it in both parades.

SO, I whipped up some Romney shirts:

Red and Blue Romney Iron On Vinyl

Red and White Romney Iron On Vinyl

Added another batch of Romney Logo shirts, and created a couple of banners and we were good to go!

2' X 8' LARGE Lettering Banner
2' X 8' SMALL Lettering Banner
It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out nice and with limited time and budget, it's not too shabby, am I right?

These are just a few things we have been working on while we have been MIA in updating the website home page/blog.

Do YOU have any ideas that you would like to do?  Shoot us an email!  We LOVE custom orders!

All Products listed are for the VINYL ONLY unless otherwise specified in the listing. Please Contact Us with any questions.