My Eternal Family Project

I have my wonderful customers to thank for this project!  Thank you for all your wonderful ideas, I love helping to create them.

Here's how to create this cute project:
Items Needed:
2x2 wood- I have found 8 foot long pieces of this at Home Depot for less than $4.00
5x7 picture of the temple- I got mine for $.50 at Deseret Book

Cut your wood into 7 inch lengths
Using a table saw, saw a slit into the top of your wood
Paint or stain wood and let dry
Apply your vinyl
Put your picture into the slit (you may need to back your picture with card stock

Total price of project: $2.05!

New Etched Glass Vinyl and a Glass Block Vinyl Sale!

This is new etched glass vinyl. It looks so pretty and really does look just like etched glass. I love this because it is 10x easier than messing with a sandblaster or etching cream. I love the way the temples look in this vinyl, but really anything looks pretty {except my bows...somebody PLEASE send me a tutorial!). The regular price for this etched glass vinyl for an 8x8 size is $9.50 but this week all glass block vinyl is on sale. The etched glass vinyl is $7.00 and all other vinyl {all for sized for 8x8 glass blocks} is $5.00.

Don't miss out on this great price! Sale ends January 31st.

*Glass Block Nativity Excluded From Sale*

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! {And another SALE!}

****The sales have now ended.  Please keep watching for new sales coming soon!****

I don't know why my post has those weird A things all the way through it...I am sorry--it is really annoying.

Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC holiday season!  My family and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Day, but I am so ready to get back into the swing of things.  It seems that too much holiday festivities just make me tired.  I am sure many of you feel the same.
So to start 2009 off right, I have a few items (some of them new!) on sale.

First, I have some new items having to do with the 2009 LDS Mutual Theme.  To launch these items, they will also be on sale this week.  First, the 6x6 tile vinyl:
The regular price on this is $6.00.  This week it is at a sale price of $4.75.
Next, I have the same design, but for a 4x4 block:
The regular price on this is $4.00, but this week it is at a sale price of $3.00.

And lastly (for now!) I am still getting emails inquiring about the Glass Block Nativity Vinyl Set. 

Yes, you can still order it, and it will be at a sale price of $12.00 this week.

Thank you all so much, and here's to a HAPPY 2009!!!