More Easter Designs! (And a discount!)

After a few technical difficulties, we FINALLY have some new Easter Designs to introduce!  Let's not waste any time in getting to them:

Happy Easter Door Greeting

He Is Risen 12 X 12 Tile

The Awesomeness of His True Perfection

Jesus is Risen! Tile

Because He Died, we live

Hoppy Eggster

Christ the Lord is Risen
He Is Risen Glass Block
What do you think?  How would you like a discount on these designs?  Well, I have have a deal for you!  Use promo code EASTER40 at checkout for 40% off any Easter-themed Design from now through Easter!   Happy Easter!

(Not valid with other offers)

All Products listed are for the VINYL ONLY unless otherwise specified in the listing. Please Contact Us with any questions.

Welcome Groupon Friends (and a new Easter Design!)

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new customers courtesy of Groupon! We hope you are finding what you like, (and if there's something you want that you don't see, contact us -- we LOVE custom designs!

I am a day late introducing the new Easter designs, so I won't keep you waiting . . .

Introducing the brand new Easter Story Block!

Teach the story of Easter  with these images on a 4X4 Block of wood:

Palm Sunday





More designs coming starting tomorrow!  Check facebook in the morning for a "hint"--guess what it is and be entered to win a gift certificate to Say It On The Wall

All Products listed are for the VINYL ONLY unless otherwise specified in the listing. Please Contact Us with any questions.

Think SPRING! (And some Easter Designs on the way!)

It snowed here today.  SNOWED.  (boo!)  I don't know about you, but I am REALLY ready for spring!  I am hoping that maybe if I put up a few "Spring" designs,  I might be able to will it to come sooner!  (I know I'm crazy to think that since it also snowed on June 4th last year, but hey, a girl can dream, right?!)   I am working on a few new Easter designs that I will be putting up starting Monday (see the facebook page for details on how you can WIN ONE for free (just pay shipping)!!!!)

In the meantime, here are 2 custom projects I have worked on recently that I thought turned out SUPER cute!  Take a look and tell me what you think!

Tree with Cherry Blossoms
Is that not the CUTEST tree/nursery you have EVER seen?!   Get a closer look at this ADORABLE bird it a nest:
Bird in Nest
 And these owls?!  Precious!
Boy Owl

Girl Owl
She showed me a picture of one she had found online and I created this based on her picture.  Tree can be flipped to lean the other way if desired.  Measures 88 inches tall and approximately 128" wide.

On to the next project:

Time:  The most valuable thing a family can spend with CUSTOM silhouettes
Remember THESE silhouettes I did a few months ago? Well, my mother fell in love and had me make this design for her living room with custom silhouettes of each of her grandchildren above the quote. I think it turned out great!  Here's a picture of the finished product above her window.  LOVE. IT.

Do you have any projects in mind?  A room you are re-decorating?  A wall that needs a "special touch"?  Contact me!  I'd love to help you make it just the way you want it!