2010 Mutual Theme Vinyl: UPDATED

So far this is my favorite design for 2010's Mutual Theme. I think the Young Women's torch speaks of strength and courage all by it's self and the theme circling around it reiterates all that it stands for. Please excuse the gray colored background-I had to include it so my watermark would show up. This design does not include a background. It is only a single layer design.
There are a number of things that you could use as a medium for this vinyl: tiles, mirrors, blocks, signs, magnets, glass blocks, tin-really it is endless. I am going to list it on SayItOnTheWall.com in a number of sizes. If none of those sizes work for you, email me and let me know what size you need. I am more than happy to size it for your needs.

I also like this new design:

This is a 6x6 tile. I put a magnetic strip on the back to make it a magnet.

You can purchase this vinyl HERE for $5.00.

Keep watching for more 2010 Mutual Theme ideas! If you have an idea of your own, I would love to bring it to life! You can contact me through email: mckay@sayitonthewall.com