And We Have Our WINNERS!!!

First of all, thanks so much to EVERYONE who participated through leaving comments and through email! It was so much fun! Give aways are going to become a regularity around here.

Because of the enormous response, my four year old couldn't quite grasp his range of numbers to choose from so I just used to generate my four winners.

And to keep you waiting no longer, the winners are:

Brian & Sandy who said:
"I would love to be entered in your giveaway! I just spend a good 45 minutes on your website looking at all you offer and imagining where I could put everything in my house! I am in our YW Presidency and think I just found some great ideas for one of our mutual nights! I'll be back! Thanks!"
--congrats! You won the 'Definition of a Mother' sign!

Michelle who said "I love your Definition of a Mother sign! You do great work!" Congratulations to you also! You won the 'Here's to Good Women' sign!Kristine who said 'Oh, please enter me! Those are so sweet!' Congrats to you, you won the 'My Greatest Blessings call me Grandma' tile and easel!
And last but not least, congrats to flinfam who said 'What a GREAT way to honor mothers! My mother and mother-in-law could use these!' You won the 'My Greatest Blessings call me Mom' hanging tile!

I had so much fun! Thanks to all who participated! Check back often, as I am going to start doing frequent giveaways! To those who won, please email me with your shipping address. You can find my email on the right hand side of this blog.

And to those who didn't win this time: I want everyone to go away with something. Please feel free to browse my website and use the code GIVEAWAY at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase. This code is good through May 5th.

Mother's Day Giveaway!!!

Hello all! I am so excited to offer this fun giveaway! I have four brand new Mother's Day products that I will be giving away to four lucky winners! Each winner will receive one of the products. All you have to do is leave a comment. Winners will be picked at random (by my 4 year old calling out the numbers) on the 23rd of April. The winner's fully assembled, finished products will be shipped out for free.

Okay, first up is this beautiful 'Definition of a Mother' sign. It's dimensions are 5.5x30. The definition on it reads: devotion n. 1. the fact, quality, or state of being devoted and dedicated, as in giving one's time, energy, etc. 2. devoutness 3. loyalty, faithfulness, deep affection.

It truly is a beautiful sign with beautiful meaning. Any mother would love to receive it. Vinyl for this sign is available at SayItOnTheWall for only $11.00.

Second up is this 6x6 tile that reads "My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom." It is uniquely hung by this iron c-scroll.
Vinyl for this fun project is available on my website also for only $6.00.

Third, we have this attractive sign:
'Here's to Good Women' is a nice, uplifting saying. Vinyl for this is also available for only $7.00. It is sized to fit on an 8x10 board or tile.

And lastly, up for grabs is another cute 6x6 tile. "My Greatest Blessings call me Grandma." This tile will come with the little easel that is pictured.Vinyl for this is available for only $6.00.

So get to it! Leave a comment or email me at to be entered to win one of these four Mother's Day items! Heck, if you win, one of your gifts is already taken care of!