Sun Jars!

Looking for a great Super Saturday Project?  Looking to amaze your children?  Well, look no further!  Introducing the SUN JAR.  When you turn the light off, it automatically lights up.  Kids are amazed by it and it's really handy to use as a night light in a bathroom.  These were done for a Super Saturday last year--the overall cost was only $6-$8 each!  This is listed HERE on the website.  Price is for vinyl and instructions.  Order yours today!

"MOM!!!! I'm BORED!!!!!"

Aren't you SO SICK of hearing that phrase?  (Or do you just have perfect children that like to "self-entertain" themselves?  If so, I'm so jealous!)  Summer vacation is such a fun time of year . . . for about the first 2 weeks . . . am I right?  After that, you are either constantly bombarded with the "broken record" sound of "I'm Bored" or in my case (with 5 boys ages 2-9), the never-ending cycle of "create a disaster, get in trouble, and while mom's cleaning up that disaster, go create another one."

If that sounds like your house, I think I have found a solution!  Meet the I'm Bored Box

Inside the box, are the "I'm Bored Dice" which have tasks on one dice (such as Play a game, Put together a puzzle, Make and fly paper airplanes, Put on a puppet show, Make 10 playdough sculptures, Create a work of art, etc.) and activities on the other dice (such as Do 10 push-ups, Do 10 jumping jacks, Read 1 chapter in a book, build a fort, Learn something new, Run up and down the stairs 10 times, etc.). 

Along with the dice, are all the supplies to complete the tasks that are on the first dice.  (So, games, puzzles, paper, paper bags and socks, playdough, and art supplies).

Every time my kids start to open their mouth to declare they are bored, I hand them the bin and it keeps them occupied for HOURS!  The love rolling the dice and completing the tasks and activities over and over again.  (And the fact that I require them to also do the activity before rolling the dice again wears them out--an added bonus for nap-time!  Yippee!)

I am listing these with several options on the website:

I'm Bored Dice--VINYL ONLY (includes the vinyl for (2) 2-inch blocks
I'm Bored Box--VINYL ONLY (includes the vinyl for (2) 2-inch blocks and vinyl for labeling your bin.
I'm Bored Dice KIT (includes the vinyl for (2) 2-inch blocks and the blocks)
I'm Bored Box KIT (includes the vinyl for the blocks, the blocks, and the vinyl for the bin--not the bin though.  Sorry!)

Check it out!  It will SAVE. YOUR. SUMMER.  Grin.