Jimmer Design Winner and Some Random Projects!

The Jimmer Designs are UP! Take a look at some of the newest designs! (I will add pictures as I get them on the shirts. Apparently I didn't have the "right" kind of white t-shirt, so I need to go get some tomorrow!) AND, thanks to Jimmer scoring 38 points in the last game, YOU get 38% off your entire order THIS WEEK ONLY with promo code JIMMER38

Anyway, without further adieu, here is the WINNING DESIGN:

Yeah, Jimmer can make it from HERE
Yeah, Jimmer can make it from HERE with BYU

Here are some other designs I created as well:
Jimmer Jackson POY


Custom Jimmer Photo t-shirt vinyl with BYU

It's JIMMER time!


Also, take a look at some of the projects I have worked on recently:

I had a friend lose a child just before Christmas.  I am sure it was devastating to them and as a friend I felt at a loss for what to do for their family.  I ended up creating this tile design for them to display in their home.  While I was at it, I made one for my mother-in-law, who lost her parents a few years ago.  (pictured).
12 X 12 TILE Because Someone we Love is in Heaven

My husband had a coworker that turned 50 recently, and the staff decorated her desk for the occasion, complete with a wheelchair!  He added this "50 Sucks" to complete the decor.  (Get it?  SUCKers?  50?  LOL.  OK, maybe I just thought it was funny.  Grin.)


Over Christmas Break, my husband re-decorated his office.  He painted over the child paintings and added rag painting and chair rail--all by himself!  (He's great like that).  After it was finished, he had me do some vinyl to complete the room.  Take a look how it turned out!

He's a school psychologist, so he thought this quote would be funny--it can be seen as people walk by his office:

Always Remember that you are Absolutely unique
This is by his desk:

Children Seldom Misquote You
Then, he had me take these pictures of my kids:

and turn them into silhouettes with funny quotes that each child has said below it:
Custom Silhouette

In February, some friends and I plan a "Scavenger Hunt" style date for our husbands.  This year our theme was the Oscars/Movie theme.  We decided to make custom "Hollywood Star" style tiles for each couple to take home.  We did 2 styles--light and dark.  Which is YOUR favorite?

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Tile
This year, my 4th grader was required to enter the Science Fair as part of his grade.  My husband and I He decided to do an experiment to determine at what angle a tennis ball will fly the farthest when shot out of a catapult.  (And it had nothing to do with the fact that we are gearing up for this year's family reunion where we plan to annihilate the competition with our catapult or anything.  Grin.)  My husband they built a catapult, shot several tennis balls and marked the distance.  By the time all the data was collected and the results were compiled, it was really late (we don't put things off around here or anything) and we still had to make the display board.  Enter VINYL LETTERING!  It saved the evening and made everything look so neat!  The best part is, every year, we just have to change the title and add new papers--the rest can stay the same.  Yippee!  (And we, er, I mean HE got an A!)

Science Fair Display Board Vinyl

This year we had 2 children entering cars into the cub scout pinewood derby. We added vinyl to finish off the cars--very easy and a big hit!

Pinewood Derby Vinyl Avatar's Aang

This 6X6 tile is sitting on the desk in my office.  Great reminder about setting goals and believing you can achieve them.
She Believed She Could so She Did
I did a fundraiser recently for a HAM Radio Club where my mother lives.  Here is one of the products we sold.  This is my parents and siblings--there is a different radio tower for males and females and each individual's call sign is below their "person".  It was a big success!

Radioactive Family
 Every year, March 4th is a "holiday" in our family.  I look at it as sort of a New Year's for the spirit.  It's a time to evaluate where we are in our relationship with our family and our Heavenly Father and resolve to improve those things that need to be improved.  It has become sort of a "tradition" that everyone does a sort of "project" that symbolizes what their "March Forth" will entail this coming year.  This is what my project is (It's a quote by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf):

In the End the Prayers we Say Tile
Next week we will be introducing some St. Patrick's Day Designs.  Stay tuned!