New Products and a summer PROMO CODE!

I think I am finally back among the living!  (which is a huge feat around here, let me tell you!)  With camps, and surgeries, and more camps, and 5 kiddos at home for the summer, it's been really easy to lose track of time!  Yikes!  Orders are still being processed and shipped within 2 business days (many are shipped same day!), but updating the website has flown under the radar for too long, am I right?!  To thank you for your patience, we are offering 25% off your entire order through the end of AUGUST with promo code SUMMER25.  

As promised, here are a few of the new(er) products we have worked on over the last couple of months:

Ruler Name and Number Vinyl
This Ruler Growth Chart is such a fun way to chart the growth of your kids or grandkids!  This listing comes with the Numbers and Name/established date (you make the hash marks yourself to save you a lot of $$).  Hang it 6" off the floor and you are good to go!  (And it's so classy, you can even hang it in your living room!)

Teachers plant the Seeds vinyl
 For teacher appreciation this year, a parent in my child's class had me design this Teachers Plant the Seeds vinyl for their teacher.  She put several pieces of scrapbook paper in the frame so the teacher can rotate them out throughout the year.  Fun idea!

Perpetual Calendar
Large Holiday Countdown Blocks--2 Color Vinyl
We also created a Perpetual Calendar (With numbers and months that rotate through the whole year and can be reused every year) and a larger version of our Holiday Countdown blocks--with a 2 color option (you asked, we listened!)  Both of these products are sized for 4X4 blocks of wood with 2X2 "dowels" for the rotating months/holidays.

We have also done several designs for camps this year:
Choose to Shine

Happily Ever After Sun Jar Vinyl
Remember way back in June when it was GRADUATION Season?!  Yeah, we did some vinyl for those events to:

8X10 In Case of Emergency Break Glass
This was a fun little idea I came up with for the graduates--I framed a $10 bill (didn't want to make it too big or they would break it right away!) and added the vinyl that says, "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass"  Then, I included a treasure box with Hershey's Treasure Chocolates wrapped in $$.  Fun idea that was easy to put together and made people laugh too!  (nice bonus!)

And here's a little twist on that idea that I used as a "thank you" for my staff at camp this year:

5X7 In Case of Emergency Break Glass
(After a week of "roughing it", who WASN'T ready to break that glass--am I right?!)

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were involved in the Romney campaign float for the 4th of July and then again the next week for the Basque parade here locally.  Since the official "campaign" hadn't arrived to town in time, it was left to us to put together a float and enter it in both parades.

SO, I whipped up some Romney shirts:

Red and Blue Romney Iron On Vinyl

Red and White Romney Iron On Vinyl

Added another batch of Romney Logo shirts, and created a couple of banners and we were good to go!

2' X 8' LARGE Lettering Banner
2' X 8' SMALL Lettering Banner
It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out nice and with limited time and budget, it's not too shabby, am I right?

These are just a few things we have been working on while we have been MIA in updating the website home page/blog.

Do YOU have any ideas that you would like to do?  Shoot us an email!  We LOVE custom orders!

All Products listed are for the VINYL ONLY unless otherwise specified in the listing. Please Contact Us with any questions.