New Products of the Week in Review!

I hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas!  I wanted to thank all of my wonderful customers that have made this year so fun for me! 

The "New Product of the Week" promotion has come to a close, as has the year, but since so many of my wonderful customers joined us after the start of this promotion, it's not really fair that you didn't get to take advantage of the great deal on the New Products, right?  I happen to agree!  SO, for this final week of 2010, I have decided to make ALL of the new products that were featured in the New Product of the Week Promotion 40% off for the remainder of the year with promo code NEW40.  This will be the LAST time they are this great price, so stock up now! 

(And STAY TUNED!  A new promotion is starting with the new year--one that *may* include free vinyl for affiliates . . . maybe.  So sign up today!)

Here's an "at a glance" view of the products that were featured:

HOME Blocks

"We Believe in Being"

Halloween Countdown--Cauldron

Give Thanks Plate Vinyl

Gobble 'til you Wobble Blocks

Pilgrim Hat Place-Markers

Journey to Bethlehem Advent Calendar

THIS WEEK there are 3 versions of the New Product Design:

Wise Men still seek Him Glass Frame Vinyl

Wise Men still Seek Him Glass Block

Wise Men still seek Him Mirror Vinyl

Kneeling Santa Glass Block

I Know the Scriptures are True Magnet Board

I Know the Scriptures are True Tile

I Know the Scriptures are True Reading Reminder Board


Christmas Subway Art

Grandma and Grandpa's is the Place where cousins go to become friends

Love is in the air

Dear Santa, Please Define "Good"



FIRST, some housekeeping items:

1. I am unexpectedly going out of town tomorrow until Christmas Eve. All orders placed this week will ship on December 27th. I apologize for the inconvenience.

2. Take a look at the new BLOG! I am so excited about this new design--so much so, in fact, that I will be rolling out a couple of promotions starting on New Years Day (the BEST one is for affiliates so sign up today!!) (More on that later).

In the meantime, I am hosting a giveaway over on Facebook! All you have to do is become a follower of the blog and then post a comment on the facebook post that you are a blog follower. Add an extra comment with your opinion of the new design for an extra entry! Winner will be drawn on New Year's Eve!

NOW, on to the New Product(s) of the week! Thank you to all who submitted ideas for this week's New Product of the Week. Some of them have products that are very similar already on the site, and some I didn't have time to create what was in my head (a black and white version of the idea doesn't do it justice!) So, I *may* have to do a New Product of the week next week too! :)

But, let's get to this week's New Products:

This idea was submitted by Andrea Thompson. Thank you Andrea! What a great idea!

Christmas Subway Art
This idea for a sign was submitted by Nicole Browne. I love it! Thank you Nicole!
Grandma and Grandpa's is the Place where cousins go to become friends

"Love is in the air," sized for a 6X30 board is a fun way to start out the year! Thank you Kaylyn Little for the idea!

Love is in the air
A giveaway winner from a couple of months ago, Michelle Groth, designed this vinyl for her gift certificate. I LOVE how it turned out! Thank you Michelle for the idea and the picture!

Dear Santa, Please Define "Good"
GET 40% off of ALL of these designs THIS WEEK ONLY with promo code HOLIDAY40.

And have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Say It On The Wall!

NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Santa's "Naughty or Nice" list!

I have 5 boys--the oldest of which just turned 10.  SO, as I am sure you can probably imagine, there's a LOT of energy at our house . . . which is magnified a hundred fold when it's Christmas time.  :)

This year, I devised a plan--a way for my kids to know their standing with Santa at all times so they can "self-correct" their behavior on their own.  Do you want to see it?

Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Each kid gets a magnet (in our case, a colored button).  Throughout the day, I move their buttons towards "Naughty" or "Nice" depending on their behavior.  I don't have a to say a word.  Just move the button up or down and they either apologize to their brother or they smile and go on their way.  It's been a life-saver! 

Now for the fun part: Get 40% off of this vinyl  THIS WEEK ONLY with promo code NICE40.

NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: 2011 Primary Themed Products and a FREE offer!

Sorry for the delay--hopefully it will be worth the wait! Did you know the new 2011 LDS Primary Theme is "I Know the Scriptures are True"--whether you are LDS or not, I think all Christians can find truth in that statement. After many requests, I have decided to take a slight detour on our Christmas themed products for this week and introduce 3 new products centered around the 2011 Primary Theme.

I Know the Scriptures are True Magnet Board
The Magnet Board is perfect for posting the daily/weekly/monthly scripture! It comes in a choice of 2 fonts: Formal or Block--specify in the comments section which font you prefer.

Block Font

Formal Font

I Know the Scriptures are True Tile

I Know the Scriptures are True Reading Reminder Board
The reminder board is a great Christmas Gift for Primary Children (especially at 40% off!). They put the board on their pillow each morning when they make their bed. Each night they will hit their head on the board and BANG!--a reminder to read scriptures. Grin. :)

NOW, because I know it's Christmas and it would be weird to not do an actual Christmas themed item (and because I know you all had to wait a long time for this post to finally go up), here's the FREE offer I have for you:
Time Capsule Christmas Ornament
The Time Capsule Ornament Vinyl is a great way to reflect on the year and create a time capsule at the same time. Start with a clear glass ornament, and apply the vinyl to the outside. On strips of paper, have family members write their favorite memories from the year. Roll up the strips of paper and slip inside the ornament. Replace the top and Voila! Instant time capsule!

With any order of one of these 2011 Primary Themed Designs, you will receive a Time Capsule Ornament Vinyl ABSOLUTELY FREE (My Christmas Gift to you!)!!!! (It will not show up in your cart, but will be sent with your order.) Valid on ANY 2011 Primary Theme order THIS WEEK ONLY!

It gets better! The 2011 Primary Theme Vinyl Designs are all 40% off THIS WEEK ONLY with promo code PRIMARY40. (It will be good through the 14th, since it is going up so late today.) Happy Holidays!