*New* Faith Plaque and Go Home! Sign

The Faith Plaque Kit has SOLD OUT!
This is a beauty! It turned out much prettier than I had anticipated. The screws holding the sheet metal in place are the perfect touch!

The complete kit for this item is $15.00. Kit includes the sheet metal, wood, vinyl, and complete instructions on how to make this beautiful plaque. Currently, this is the only kit being sold directly through my website, get it now--supplies are limited!

The Faith Plaque kit has SOLD OUT!

This 'GO HOME!' sign is hilarious. I made this for my mom for Christmas as a joke {kind of!}.
Vinyl for this sign is only $3.50.

Go be creative!


It's time to unveil "exciting happening" #1!!! I am so excited to announce that SayItOnTheWall now has a brand new {and ever ADORABLE} product line:

Stick Families!!! There are 10 different stick people to choose from to create your own personal family. SayItOnTheWall will cut your family in our special vehicle vinyl so that you can apply your family to your car and get long lasting results.

We are currently building a "Family Builder" to add to our website so you can design your family to your liking. Until then, you will have to specify in the comments section the order in which you would like your stick people to go.

I hope you are as excited as we are! Our new stick people can be found here.

Exciting Happenings

SayItOnTheWall.com has two fun and very exciting surprises coming soon! I can't wait to tell you about them! Check back often to see if they have been revealed yet!

And don't forget that the Glass Block Nativity Vinyl is now on sale for only $17.00 for the whole set!!!


This beautiful set is now on sale!
Was: $22.00
Now: $17.00
Get it just in time for the holidays!!!
***vinyl only***

Fun Project For The Week

These blocks are so adorable and so easy to make! I went to Home Depot and picked up a long 4x4 piece of wood. Then I asked the nice Home Depot employee to cut it into 4 inch lengths for me. I got 24 4x4 blocks out of that one piece of wood, so the blocks ended up being about $.33/block. What a great deal!

I brought the wood home and sanded the rough edges off of it, wiped it down with a damp cloth and painted the blocks. I let them dry over night and applied my vinyl the next day. I love the way they turned out!!! And the greatest thing about them is the cost:

4x4 at HD (24 blocks)--$8.00 oh yeah, they cut the wood for FREE!
Paint- $2.29 (for a really BIG one)
Vinyl for Ho Ho Ho- $4.00
Vinyl for BELIEVE-$5.00

If you don't need (or want) 24 blocks, do this with a friend and cut down your costs even more! HAVE FUN!!!

NEW Glass Block Nativity!!!- UPDATED 11/10: New Add On and Single Silhouette

Here is an add on to the set:

And here is a separate silhouette. I love this one:

Aren't these beautiful?! One of my wonderful customers came up with this great idea, and I had to make one myself and add on to it. What a perfect gift to give this holiday season--or the perfect craft for your craft night!

Vinyl for 8x8 block- $8.00
Vinyl for 6x8 blocks- $7.00/each
Vinyl for Nativity Set- $22.00


This talk was so good I had to make a reminder of all the good counsel it contained. This hanging tile is what I came up with.
{vinyl $4.50}

SayItOn Your Office Wall

Or any other wall, for that matter. This is a digital image of some wall art that I did for my friend Angela. She designed this on her computer, sent it to me, and I was able to recreate it using the software for my vinyl cutter to cut it out. She is going to apply it directly to the wall in her office.

Do some brainstorming--come up with your own custom creation and let's cut it out in vinyl to decorate your walls!

Most Popular

It is always fun for me to see what the most popular things being ordered are. Here are some of SayItOnTheWall's most popular:
Established Sign on 8x10 Vinyl

Recipe Magnet Board-Made on tile instead of the board! Very cute look.

Double layered sayings right on glass! Very pretty.

New Enrichment Ideas

Here are some new {and cute!} Enrichment night/Super Saturday ideas. They are simple, cute, and best of all cheap. Customization is welcomed and free!

I love these "Be" Fridge Magnets! They are 2x2 tiles with a magnet attached on back.
That's right, vinyl right on a plate!
Makes a cute gift!
Vinyl right on glass! The word 'LOVE' is actually adhered to the back of the glass.
The overlay 'is spoken here' is on the front.
'FAMILIES' is adhered to the back. 'Are forever' is on the front.

Are we the new Wal-Mart?

Looking for great prices on your vinyl order? You've found them at SayItOnTheWall! If you find a better price, we will match it or beat it!

SayItOnTheWall.com Updates

Just wanted to give you a heads up about the updates to SayItOnTheWall:

We have TONS more fonts to choose from! There is something for everyone!

We have added a clearance category to our site. Check back regularly, as we are trying to clear out some products.

We have more vinyl colors to choose from.

We are still running our Refer a Friend special. See below for details.

We are excited about our recent changes, and look forward to working with you on designing your very own personalized home decor, Super Saturdays, or Enrichment Night Activities!

Refer a Friend

Hope you all are surviving the beginning of the school year! To help you get through the chaos, I am having a Refer a Friend special. Here is how it works: Refer a friend to SayItOnTheWall.com, and if they make an order of $12.00 or more, you get $5.00 off your next order of $10.00 or more! All your friend has to do is write that you referred them in the comments box at check out!

So get to referring!

Going Out Of Town

I just wanted to announce that I will be out of town from August 1st-August 8th. Any orders placed during this time frame will be shipped after the 8th. Thanks! And have a GREAT SUMMER!

*Chore board vinyl is still at its sale price!

I am not a maid!

Are you like me and feel like a maid? I have to keep telling my three year old that 'M' is for MOM and not MAID. I came to the decision today that my family is in need of a chore board. If you feel the same way and your family needs a chore board also, good news: the vinyl for your very own chore board is now on sale! Regular price $13.00. Sale price $10.00. You can add your last name to it for $2.00.

Creating your own sign is easy! Simply buy a board from Home Depot or Lowes (Home Depot will even cut it to size for free!), paint it your favorite color, and apply your vinyl. If you want it to have an 'old' look, sand the edges of it and Voila! Your very own chore board!

No more MAID for us MOMS!!!!! Get your chore board vinyl now, and create your very own sanity...I mean chore board.

The Gallery Feature

Just wanted to let you all know the gallery feature is now up and running. I am still busy trying to upload pictures to it, so you will see some changes over the next week or so. You might also notice over the next week or so that some of my products have been deleted. This is a good thing! You can still find these products in the gallery. It was never my intention to sell just pre-made, pre-designed, cookie cutter products. I am hoping that something you see on my site might spark your creativity and give you an idea about what would look great in your house. Custom orders are my favorite!

That being said, if you have an original idea that isn't as simple as just using the 'custom' button to order, please email me! Email orders are always welcome. I am also always glad to help you with your order if you have any questions or are unsure of something. HAVE FUN! Vinyl is such a fun and creative way to decorate. Anything goes! Once you finish your project, send me a picture and I will include it in my gallery to inspire others.

****Also, remember I am still having a special on my magnet boards. They are now only $17.50. Normally $20.00****


In celebration of the new look to my site, I am having a special on magnet boards! Get them now for $17.50. They are originally $20.00.

Magnet boards are so much fun! Think of your own theme, and I will work with you to make it into a magnet board, or buy one of mine: Either way, they are adorable!

My Love Affair With Vinyl

I love vinyl. I love that you can pretty much do anything with it. The possibilities go as far as your imagination takes them. My favorite vinyl jobs are custom orders. I love to see what other people come up with. It's a great spark to my own creativity. My husband often says I only cut vinyl to cover my house in it. While that may not be completely true, it probably isn't too far off from the truth. I have to display my creations somewhere to take pictures and put them on my site, don't I?

Speaking of pictures, for all you fellow vinyl junkies: if you have any vinyl creations in your home that you are proud of and wouldn't mind sharing, send me a picture and I will display them in my new 'possibility gallery' on my site.

Well, I need to run off to put the kids to bed... you didn't think my ENTIRE life was vinyl, did you? I am a nerd, but not to the point that I am only mother to vinyl!