My Love Affair With Vinyl

I love vinyl. I love that you can pretty much do anything with it. The possibilities go as far as your imagination takes them. My favorite vinyl jobs are custom orders. I love to see what other people come up with. It's a great spark to my own creativity. My husband often says I only cut vinyl to cover my house in it. While that may not be completely true, it probably isn't too far off from the truth. I have to display my creations somewhere to take pictures and put them on my site, don't I?

Speaking of pictures, for all you fellow vinyl junkies: if you have any vinyl creations in your home that you are proud of and wouldn't mind sharing, send me a picture and I will display them in my new 'possibility gallery' on my site.

Well, I need to run off to put the kids to bed... you didn't think my ENTIRE life was vinyl, did you? I am a nerd, but not to the point that I am only mother to vinyl!


Anna M. said...

I always knew there was someone besides your hubby!! I love the blog, go check mine out I think you will enjoy the new updated picture.