The Gallery Feature

Just wanted to let you all know the gallery feature is now up and running. I am still busy trying to upload pictures to it, so you will see some changes over the next week or so. You might also notice over the next week or so that some of my products have been deleted. This is a good thing! You can still find these products in the gallery. It was never my intention to sell just pre-made, pre-designed, cookie cutter products. I am hoping that something you see on my site might spark your creativity and give you an idea about what would look great in your house. Custom orders are my favorite!

That being said, if you have an original idea that isn't as simple as just using the 'custom' button to order, please email me! Email orders are always welcome. I am also always glad to help you with your order if you have any questions or are unsure of something. HAVE FUN! Vinyl is such a fun and creative way to decorate. Anything goes! Once you finish your project, send me a picture and I will include it in my gallery to inspire others.

****Also, remember I am still having a special on my magnet boards. They are now only $17.50. Normally $20.00****