New Product of the Week #3: 2012 Mutual Theme Designs!

It's FINALLY time to announce this week's New Product of the Week! We're taking a little break from Halloween and (by popular request) looking ahead to 2012 this week:

2012's LDS Mutual theme for 2012 is "Arise and Shine Forth that thy light may be a standard for the nations."

SO, this week, I am introducing a few of the new designs I have made to go along with the theme:

Arise and Shine Forth Sun Jar
This version of the Sun Jar fits very well with the theme--it takes in energy from the sun during the day and then glows at night.   This might be my favorite!

Arise and Shine Forth Tile
I love this tile!  It's formal yet elegant and a great way to display the yearly theme!

Subway Art Arise and Shine Forth

This is a fun way to display the theme with the ever popular "subway art" format.

There you go!  Ask and ye shall receive!  And wait!  It gets better!  THIS WEEK ONLY these designs are 40% off with promo code SHINE40.

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