New Product of the Week #5: You Are Special Plate Stencil

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's new Product of the week--(you'll understand why in a minute) . . . Let's get right to it, shall we?

Growing up we always had a red "You are Special" plate that we got to eat off of for our birthdays, awards' night, graduation, etc.  Did any of you have that plate?  There was something about that plate that made me feel, well, special!  I really felt like a queen for the day!

We wanted to carry that tradition on in our home so I went searching for the plate.  The cheapest one I found was $27.50!  Seriously?!  For a plate?

SO, I headed to Walmart and bought myself a red plate for just under $5.  I already had etching cream on hand, so I just created a vinyl stencil, applied it to the plate, spread the etching cream and waited.  After about 10 minutes (the bottle says 5 but I have a bunch of kids to distract me so it was more like 10) I washed off the etching cream and peeled off the vinyl . . .

You Are Special Plate Stencil
Beautiful, right?  (Someone seriously needs to teach me how to take pictures of etched glass--the glares are terrible, right?!)  I also did one on a clear glass plate, etched on the bottom, and plan to put it on a red charger.  The clear glass plate was $2.50--even cheaper!

(Do you see what I mean?!  I need help!  My photography skills were no match for the etched glass!)  We used it tonight for my son's birthday, and he LOVED it!  (He *may* have even said this was the best birthday EVER--and it's totally because of the plate, right?  *wink)

Do you want to make one for YOUR family?  THIS WEEK IS YOUR SPECIAL WEEK!  Just use promo code SPECIAL40 at checkout for 40% off this design!  (And I'll give you until November 3rd before it expires because of the delay in posting it.)

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