*New* Faith Plaque and Go Home! Sign

The Faith Plaque Kit has SOLD OUT!
This is a beauty! It turned out much prettier than I had anticipated. The screws holding the sheet metal in place are the perfect touch!

The complete kit for this item is $15.00. Kit includes the sheet metal, wood, vinyl, and complete instructions on how to make this beautiful plaque. Currently, this is the only kit being sold directly through my website, get it now--supplies are limited!

The Faith Plaque kit has SOLD OUT!

This 'GO HOME!' sign is hilarious. I made this for my mom for Christmas as a joke {kind of!}.
Vinyl for this sign is only $3.50.

Go be creative!


Laurie said...

The Faith plaque is beautiful. I wish your kit was not sold out.

Jenn W said...

Will you be putting anymore wood/vinyl/metal kits together? This is really beautiful. I'd love to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

I do agree, I love the Faith plaque. Will you ever sale it as a kit again?