NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Kneeling Santa Glass Block

Kneeling Santa Glass Block

I am really excited about this week's New Product of the Week! Several years ago, I came across this book:

It tells a story about how Santa fits in to the Nativity Story and gives a brief history of Santa Claus at the same time. It's a really good way to teach Children that while Santa Claus is fun and exciting, even he knows the real reason for the season.

So, this year, along with reading this book to my kids, I am adding this glass block to my Glass Block Nativity Display as a reminder that even with all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and gift giving, we can take time to remember He whose birth we celebrate this time of year.

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NEW PRODUCT(s) OF THE WEEK: Wise Men Still Seek Him

I couldn't decide which design was my favorite, so they are ALL going to be my new product of the week this week!  (Lucky You!)  Without further adieu, let's get right to the products I am so excited about!  "Wise Men Still Seek Him"

These designs include a silhouette of Christ in etched glass vinyl.  At first glance, you might not see it, which is why I LOVE these designs so much.  You must SEEK Him!  (Get it?  Love it?  Or am I just so sleep-deprived that I think it's cooler than it is?!)

Wise Men still seek Him Glass Block Vinyl

Wise Men still seek Him Glass Frame Vinyl

Wise Men still seek Him 12X12 Mirror Vinyl

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(And as a "housekeeping" bit of information:  Orders received Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this week will ship Monday or Tuesday of NEXT week due to the Holiday!  Happy Thanksgiving!)

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NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Journey to Bethlehem Advent Calendar!

I LOVE Christmas!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE IT!  I especially love the excitement in the air as my kids anticipate Santa's arrival! So it should come as no surprise that I am starting to prepare EARLY for Christmas this year!  Let's get right to this week's NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK:

Mary and Joseph (pictured on a 2X2 tile purchased from Home Depot) start out in Jerusalem on December 1st.  Each day, you (or your child--or maybe you can take turns. Grin.) move them one step closer to the stable.

On Christmas Eve, Mary and Joseph arrive at the stable.  On Christmas Morning (or, if you can talk Santa into it), switch out the smaller tile with the 4X4 tile, which depicts the manger scene in the stable.

This advent calendar is a great way to teach the "reason for the season" each day (as they pass the wise men, the shepherds, the angel, etc, you can talk about the different parts of the nativity story) while letting your kids have fun in the process!

Materials needed for this project:

(1) 16X20 piece of sheet metal (I used scissors to cut mine to size because I bought a big sheet--which helped me decide to frame it instead of mount it on a piece of MDF as originally planned--the cut edges weren't the prettiest . . .)
(1) 4X4 tile
(1) 2X2 tile
(1) Vinyl Lettering Set
(1) 16X20 picture frame
(4) disc magnets (1 for the 2X2 and 3 for the 4X4)

This project takes about 5 minutes to assemble (unless you want to paint your picture frame.  You can also just put it in a picture frame for the Christmas Season and then remove it and put the original contents back in the frame for the rest of the year.)

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NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: PILGRIM HAT Thanksgiving Placemarkers!

An idea came to me last night as I drifted off to sleep. (An idea that was WAY better than what I had scheduled to post today!) SO, this morning I hopped out of bed and ran into town (an hour's drive round trip--I REALLY love my customers, right?!) to get a couple of supplies . . .

Are you ready? Are you excited? I know I am! Without further adeiu, let's get to this week's PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: The PILGRIM HAT THANKSGIVING PLACEMARKERS

Pilgrim Hat Placemarkers

Every Thanksgiving, it was been a tradition in my family that I do little place markers for dinner and fill them with mints (for use after the meal). The last couple of years I made little favor boxes out of Thanksgiving scrapbook paper. They were a pain to make, fill and fold, but everyone loved them! (Unfortunately, they don't last. I have to make them all over again EVERY YEAR! That's for the birds! (I mean, who has time to do that? I still have to cook the REAL bird, right?!))

Enter this year:

I ran to Home Depot and grabbed some little terra cotta flower pots and saucers (which are on CLEARANCE this time of year--hint. hint.) Then I spray painted them black. (Note to self: Don't buy the kind that is the "hammered" look unless you have about 3 hours for it to dry. It looks cute, sure, but if you are trying to post it on your blog, it cramps your style! Yes, I know it needs an extra coat of paint, but my family won't mind. Grin.)

Then I applied the vinyl and I was FINISHED! If you subtract the 3 hour "watching paint dry" time, this project LITERALLY took me 20 minutes to do the whole set for Thanksgiving (AND they are reusable!) Pretty cool right?

Don't they look cute on the table next to the plates?

It gets even better! (Wait for it . . . Wait for it . . . )

If you lift up the hat, it's filled with an assortment mints for after dinner!

Now let's talk details:

Do you want to make a set for YOUR Thanksgiving festivities this year? It's not too late! They are $1.50 for one or 10/$10. But don't forget: THIS WEEK ONLY, they are 40% off! Use promo code: PILGRIM40 at checkout for the Pilgrim Hat single vinyl or HAT40 for the Pilgrim Hat set of 10. That's pretty cheap for such a great table decoration, am I right? (I know I am. Grin.)


Sorry for the delay!  I had technical issues with my camera . . .

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