NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Journey to Bethlehem Advent Calendar!

I LOVE Christmas!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE IT!  I especially love the excitement in the air as my kids anticipate Santa's arrival! So it should come as no surprise that I am starting to prepare EARLY for Christmas this year!  Let's get right to this week's NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK:

Mary and Joseph (pictured on a 2X2 tile purchased from Home Depot) start out in Jerusalem on December 1st.  Each day, you (or your child--or maybe you can take turns. Grin.) move them one step closer to the stable.

On Christmas Eve, Mary and Joseph arrive at the stable.  On Christmas Morning (or, if you can talk Santa into it), switch out the smaller tile with the 4X4 tile, which depicts the manger scene in the stable.

This advent calendar is a great way to teach the "reason for the season" each day (as they pass the wise men, the shepherds, the angel, etc, you can talk about the different parts of the nativity story) while letting your kids have fun in the process!

Materials needed for this project:

(1) 16X20 piece of sheet metal (I used scissors to cut mine to size because I bought a big sheet--which helped me decide to frame it instead of mount it on a piece of MDF as originally planned--the cut edges weren't the prettiest . . .)
(1) 4X4 tile
(1) 2X2 tile
(1) Vinyl Lettering Set
(1) 16X20 picture frame
(4) disc magnets (1 for the 2X2 and 3 for the 4X4)

This project takes about 5 minutes to assemble (unless you want to paint your picture frame.  You can also just put it in a picture frame for the Christmas Season and then remove it and put the original contents back in the frame for the rest of the year.)

Do you want to make your very own?  THIS WEEK is the time to do it!  Use promo code JOURNEY40 at checkout for 40% off!!!