Going Out Of Town

I just wanted to announce that I will be out of town from August 1st-August 8th. Any orders placed during this time frame will be shipped after the 8th. Thanks! And have a GREAT SUMMER!

*Chore board vinyl is still at its sale price!

I am not a maid!

Are you like me and feel like a maid? I have to keep telling my three year old that 'M' is for MOM and not MAID. I came to the decision today that my family is in need of a chore board. If you feel the same way and your family needs a chore board also, good news: the vinyl for your very own chore board is now on sale! Regular price $13.00. Sale price $10.00. You can add your last name to it for $2.00.

Creating your own sign is easy! Simply buy a board from Home Depot or Lowes (Home Depot will even cut it to size for free!), paint it your favorite color, and apply your vinyl. If you want it to have an 'old' look, sand the edges of it and Voila! Your very own chore board!

No more MAID for us MOMS!!!!! Get your chore board vinyl now, and create your very own sanity...I mean chore board.