ANNOUNCEMENT and NEW PRODUCT: We Believe in Being . . . (TILE)

Guess WHAT?!  I have decided to spotlight a new product every week until Christmas!  (That's 11 NEW PRODUCTS!!!!)  Should I make it EVEN BETTER?  OK, twist my arm--how about 40% off that product for the week that it is debuted?  (I'm so nice, I know!)

Let's get to it:

2011 Mutual Theme:  We Believe in Being Tile

Have you seen the LDS 2011 Mutual theme?  It's the 13th Article of Faith!  (Awesome!)  I have been working on a couple of designs for this theme and I think that so far, this one is my favorite.  We believe in "being" a lot of things and I love how the 13th article of faith lists them out and then reminds us that we should be SEEKING after these things as well!  I think 2011 is setting itself up to be a GREAT year! (Warning: it's probably not a good idea to leave a tile laying on the fireplace mantle after taking a picture of it to post . . . there's a good chance little tikes might come upon it and smash it for fun . . . not that that happened to this tile or anything . . . grin :) )

THIS WEEK ONLY, receive 40% off this design with promo code BEING40 at checkout!

(Check back on Mondays from now until Christmas for another NEW PRODUCT every week!!)