NEW PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Give Thanks Plate Vinyl

Are you starting to look forward to the Holidays? To be honest, I hate fall (gasp!)--don't get me wrong. I love the fall colors, I LOVE Thanksgiving, I love all the smells and cooler weather . . . but where I live, Fall means WINTER IS COMING (Boo! Hiss!) From November-May/June it is SNOWY, DARK, and COLD where I live. And I don't like it (no offense to all you snow bunnies, but I grew up in the south--and I prefer the warm weather and sunshine!)

But, with the turn of the weather over here, I am starting to think "Thanksgiving" (gotta look on the bright side, right?)--and what better way to decorate than with an EASY centerpiece for your table or mantelpiece for your fireplace?!

Answers to the Questions I KNOW you are asking:

1. I got the plate at Walmart for $3--that's most of the work--driving to Walmart and picking out a plate . . . (and with 5 boys, I admit, that is actual work, but after that was over, the rest was easy!)

2. Yes, you CAN have one! It's even 40% off this week only with promo code: THANKS40

The vinyl pictured is sized to fit on a 10.5" plate. It comes with one large GOLD leave, Lettering in Beige, and a small red leaf. Easy to apply and an INSTANT hit! Order yours today!