New Product of the WEEK #2! I am a Child of God Birth Announcement Vinyl

It's Monday!  And you know what that means?  New Product Of The WEEK!  This week, we are talking BABY:

I am a Child of God Birth Announcement Vinyl
What a fun way to announce your baby's birth (and decorate the nursery--BONUS!)  And since the little humans are SOOOO adorable, it's a good idea to document their first year in pictures, right?

Monthly Milestone Decals
Just apply to your baby's onesie on the day you want to take the picture, and then remove and add to the scrapbook next to the picture! 

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The 2015 LDS Mutual Theme Designs:

O ye that embark ship design

O ye that embark helm design

O ye that embark glass block vinyl

O ye that embark ornament vinyl

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Stay tuned for next week's product!
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