New Product of the Week #13--Names for Jesus Subway Art!

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I can't believe it's only 6 days away!  (I probably should start getting gifts, ready, right?)  EEEEEEK!!!!  I thought that this week, (since it's so close to Christmas that many of you may not be able to get your order in time FOR Christmas,) I would create a design that is inspired by Christmas, but can really be a year-around decoration for your home.

Names of Jesus Subway Art
Can you see the etched glass vinyl image of Jesus?  (It's so hard to take a picture of etched glass!)  This design is sized for an 11X14 frame, and is pictured on a floating frame (so there's 2 panes of glass).  There are 2 pieces to this design--the black portion with all the wording was placed on the bottom glass piece in NON MIRROR image and the image of Jesus is in Etched Glass vinyl so it was placed in NON MIRROR image on top of the TOP piece of glass.  (Is that clear as mud?  Contact me if you have questions!)

You can get the vinyl for this design for 40% off THIS WEEK ONLY with promo code KING40.  (Which is a STEAL considering that etched glass vinyl is a LOT more expensive than regular vinyl so I don't mark it up very much at all!)

I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  We'll see you next week with our FINAL "New Product of the Week" for the Year!

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