New Product of the Week #10: Dear Santa Wish List (Dry Erase)

Now that the "technical" issues have been fixed (ahem, blogger), let's FINALLY announce this week's New Product(s) of the week, shall we?

I don't know about you, but my kids start in about January with what they are SURE they want for Christmas.  Then, around November, their list starts changing daily (hourly in some cases) and it's hard to keep track of what they REALLY want. :)  SO, this year, we are trying something different.

For the younger kids (under 8), they get a simple one like this (sized for a 5X7 frame):

Christmas Wish List--Dear Santa, Love, (Name)
Then, if they can write, they can fill it out themselves. If they are 3, I help them out by writing what they say:
(Yes, my 3 year old wants a GPS. When I told him you need a car for a GPS, he said, "then I want a car too!"  That's what happens when the only television they watch is Fox News (no kid commercials there!)  Grin.)

For the older kids, I think they need to account for Santa why they have been good and "deserve" for him to bring the things they are asking for.  It also helps them to be more aware of the choices they are making leading up to Christmas.  (Sized for an 8X10 frame).
Dear Santa, I have been good because:  Please Bring:  Love, (Name)

The kids can erase and "change" their list all month long (we have actually put an "elf deadline" so any changes after the "elf deadline" may not make it to the elves in time to make it.)

The vinyl is pictured in "mirror image"--for placement on the BACK of a picture frame glass.  Then I threw in some festive holiday paper and we're good to go!  Brilliant!

And since it's, like FRIDAY and I am just now getting this posted, I am going to give everyone 40% off ANY CHRISTMAS DESIGN from now, until WEDNESDAY (the 7th) with promo code SANTA40.

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