New Product of the Week #8: 2012 Primary Theme Designs Choose the Right

I am so excited about this week's new product(s) of the week! This is something we are constantly trying to teach our children, so making these designs were a lot of fun!

The LDS Primary Theme for 2012 is "Choose the Right"--regardless of if you are LDS or not, I think the concept of  "Choose the Right" is something everyone tries to instill in their children.  Because I am still in the stage of life where I have little ones at home, these designs are geared more toward teaching children to make good choices, but they can also work on teenagers and adults too! 

Without further adieu, here they are:  (Drumroll Please . . .)

CTR Shield for 4X4 Block
We'll start with the basic CTR Shield, found on almost all CTR Rings.  This is pictured on a 4X4 block of wood--great gift for primary kids for birthdays or Christmas!  At only $1, (and then 40% off THIS WEEK ONLY), it's a STEAL!

CTR Ornament
If you live anywhere near a Hobby Lobby (specifically in Utah), they were having these darling clear square ornaments on sale last week for 50% off.  I got a set of 4 of these for really cheap!  (And yes, you can probably expect to see at least 3 other uses for them in the near future *wink*)  This was an FHE activity we did about choices and consequences.  We talked about how every choice we make has a consequence and you can't pick up one end of a stick without getting the other end as well.  We ended by having our kids write down choices that they want to make that will bring them lasting happiness (i.e., "I will go to church", "I will serve a mission", "I will go to college", " I will marry in the temple", etc.)  We plan to hang this ornament on our Christmas tree as a reminder to them of the choices they have to make NOW that will get them to the choices they want to make in the future.

CTR Choices Jar Vinyl
This is our "CTR Choices Jar".  (And this would work GREAT for a large primary as well).  Every time a child makes a good choice (when the other choice would have seemed more fun or easier), they get to put a candy in the jar.  When the jar is full, we dump out the candy and the kids get to split it up.  SO, when they choose to actually give the chickens water instead of just SAYING they did, they get to put a candy in. When they read to their brother instead of punching him, they get to add a candy (you would be surprised how often they choose "punch" instead!).  We'll see how well it works in the long run, but for now, it's working like a dream!  (I used a DecoBlock Glass block from Home depot that already has a hole at the top.)

CTR Subway Art
This is a fun way to introduce the theme for the year--with the ever popular Subway Art method!

CTR Choose The Right Mirror Design
I put this on the mirror in the kids' bathroom as a reminder to them to Choose the Right.  (Ignore the chipped bottom of the mirror--that's evidence that I really do have the 5 boys that I always talk about, right?!)

CTR Door Greeting

What a great way to remind kids to make good choices!  (It's the last thing they will see as they leave in the morning and the first thing they see when they come home!)

I can Choose the Right By:
The other thing we are doing with our kids is we made each of them one of these dry erase choice boards.  They can write a way they can choose the right every morning when they wake up  and then if they did the thing they wrote down, they can erase it and write another choice they want to make. :)  Kids LOVE dry erase, am I right?!

What do you think?  Fun?  Want some for yourself?  Well, THIS WEEK ONLY, you can get 40% off any of these designs with promo code CTR40

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