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This week, I am posting some ideas for organizing your kitchen:

Meet the Kitchen Conversion Chart:

In comes in Landscape:

Or Portrait (with teaspoon conversions added):

Use paint sticks to create holders for all of your measuring cups and spoons (GENIUS, right?!) and label each one so you knows where they go:

To save money, you can get both the conversion chart and the labels in a combo pack:

You can also label canisters for easy identification with these single customizable labels:

Or a set of 10 ccustomizable labels:

Or, if you just want to add some class to your pantry, use this quatrefoil vinyl to make it look like you spend HOURS painting stencils on your walls!

Fun ideas, right?  Don't forget this month's special:
Glass Block Nativity

Do you want to get the vinyl for this set for free?  Here's how!  Every week (starting on Thursdays, because, well, that's how this month is going so far . . . .), anyone who places an order of $10 or more of vinyl, will receive 1 part of this set with their order.  Just specify in the comments section that you would like the free Nativity vinyl of the week and it will be sent with your order.  No promo code necessary (but you must remind us in the comments section or we will forget to include it)!

Here's the schedule:

August 4-10 orders will receive:

August 11-17 orders will receive:

August 18-24 orders will receive:

August 25-31 orders will receive:

Place an order every week and collect the whole set (plus get a BONUS for collecting the whole set)!  What a great way to get a head start on the Christmas Season (while it's still hot and the kids are just getting back to school so you haven't figured out how to fill all your free time yet. Grin.)!

Have a GREAT August and check our facebook page in September for another great promotion!

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