Top 10 Designs ANNOUNCED! VOTE NOW!!!!!

It is FINALLY time to announce the top 10 designs of this year's Custom Design Contest! All entries were submitted to an independent panel of judges and were narrowed down to the top 10 designs. (Some of you that entered I didn't hear back from after I sent a sample for your review, so you were entered with my most favorite of the designs I sent for your review--if you would like to change your design prior to purchasing it, let me know!) I will put up the remaining contest entry designs when I get back from out of town in a couple of weeks.

Enough of the "yada, yada, yada!" Let's get on with our top 10, shall we?

City Subway Art

This was designed as a set of three to go over a master bed. If you want just one, contact me and I will list it separately.

Department of Missing Socks
This was designed to go in a laundry room behind a clothes line of mismatched socks that don't have pairs.

Family Proclamation Subway Art

This was designed for a 24X24 board.  This would be a great center of a family picture grouping!

Organize Yourselves. Prepare Every Needful Thing

Not what we have but what we ENJOY.

Smile Big, Bring Joy, and Make good choices
The future is as bright as your faith

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents
Peace be to this house

Rocking my baby

Fun designs right? Thank you to EVERYONE that entered!

Now for the fun part:  Vote below for your favorite design and leave a post on our Facebook Wall saying you voted.  The person whose design gets most votes by the end of July will win that design for free (just pay shipping!)  AND, as a BONUS, I will do a random draw of those that post on facebook that they voted and they will ALSO win free vinyl! 

Also those of you that entered the contest can get 50% off any of the designs in the top 10 through the end of July. (Contact me for your promo code). The rest of you? Well, don't forget, we have FREE SHIPPING on vinyl orders through the end of July with promo code SHIPFREE. OR, you can choose 40% off any design in the top ten with promo code CD40.


Which Custom Design is your Favorite?