At this time of year, we are SO GRATEFUL for our customers!  We have had a fun, busy, and exciting year and it's not over yet!  We are still in the process of redesigning our website, so the updates to the homepage will still be sparse.  But rest assured, we are still filling orders and creating new products!

Here are just a few of the new products we have created recently:

After a customer showed me a sign holder she had for her front porch that she wanted vinyl for, I decided I HAD to have one too!  These are VERY EASY to make and the signs can be switched out for each holiday, or just left on "welcome"  What a BRILLIANT idea, right?!

Here are the signs made to be rotated on the holder:
 Single Sign or as a SET

I also helped with some Super Craft Saturdays as well and here are a couple of products they made:

Are you a runner?  Or do you know someone who is?  What better way to display your race bibs and medals than with one of these Race Bib display boards!  (Also really easy to make--and it would make a GREAT Christmas gift!)  

Here are a couple of Race Bib and Medal Display boards we created:

If you would like a custom "saying" at the top, or would like to switch out "relay" for "marathon", just put it in the comments section at checkout.  (these are ones that I made as a gift and for myself, and neither one of us EVER plan to do a full marathon.  Halfs seem crazy enough to me!

If you or a friend/family member is an AVID runner, they may have done a "ragnar" relay (or similar)--Did you know these teams WILLINGLY run between 184 and 200 miles relay-style in 2 days?  And they decorate their vehicles!  Here is a team logo and caution sign for a "Ragnar Style" relay I participated in this summer:

Are you wanting to make some personalized homemade gifts for Christmas?  Here are some ideas!

Stand Ye in Holy Places and Be Not Moved Ornament Vinyl

Stand in Holy Places Ornament vinyl

Stand in Holy Places and Be Not Moved Glass Block vinyl--Customizable with choice of temple

Stand in Holy Places Door Greeting

Stand in Holy Places 12X12 Tile 1

Stand in Holy Places 6X6 tile vinyl

Stand ye in Holy Places and be not moved 6X6 or 12X12 version

12X12 Stand in Holy Places Script tile

PRIMARY THEME:  I am a Child of God

I am a Child of God Ornament Vinyl

I am a Child of God Scriptures vinyl

I am a Child of God 4X4 block vinyl

Lead Me Guide Me Walk Beside Me Stackers Vinyl

I am a Child of God Mirror Vinyl

I am a Child of God Personalized Sign Vinyl

I am a Child of God 2X2 Magnet Vinyl

And because we love our customers!  We are offering a THANKS discount of 10%.  Happy Holidays!

All Products listed are for the VINYL ONLY unless otherwise specified in the listing. Please Contact Us with any questions.